Putting Rueda on your Radar


Pampano Rueda 2009 – $11

A region that everyone should know, Rueda, kind of floats just under the radar.  This bottle will hopefully help to get the word out about the often overlooked Spanish region It’s so versatile, it’s so approachable, it’s often an instant smash. Though Viura, Verdejo, and Sauvignon Blanc are all acceptable to use, I prefer the wines made of Viura and Verdejo, and the 2009 Pampano is a wine made of 60% Viura and 40% Verdejo. Bright, crisp, and with plenty of acidity due to Rueda’s cooler climate in north central Spain, this wine is not shy. Though clean and punchy, there is also a heft to the wine: it’s a real tomcat, confident and friendly. Perfect for sautéed fish, roasted chicken, or spicy shrimp. One of those wines you should always have on hand, it will please the people, it will play well with a ton of foods, it will win you friends and influence your uncle.


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